Design Team Leadership

For over 20 years, my passion has been cultivating a cutting-edge design culture, building top-tier teams, shaping exceptional products and thriving design organizations.

My Leadership Approach
Hands-on Leadership
Hands-on Leadership
I actively engage with my team and projects, fostering collaboration and offer guidance.It also ensures that I'm in tune with the work, challenges, and successes of the team.
Design Excellence
DevelopingDesign Excellence
I'm passionate about enhancing the team’s methods and systems, supporting designers at every level, and staying at the forefront of innovation to deliver top-tier cutting-edge solutions.
I prioritize mentorship and skill development, empowering team members to take ownership and make a significant difference. Nurturing talent within my team leads to a stronger, passionate group of impact players.
Applying these principle allows me to create again and again  strong teams, excellent design, and constant growth:
Strong Teams
Impactful design teams and organizations are built on clear mission, strong culture, clear structure and roles, and deep collaboration with other departments. To build this we work on:
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities. Clearly delineating roles to ensure efficiency and clarity within the team.
  • Cultivating Senior Talent: Developing high-impact seniors and principals who lead and inspire.
  • Building Effective Management Tiers: Creating strong leadership levels within the team for smooth functioning and guidance.
  • Expanding Team Skills: Integrating diverse roles like UX research, UX writing, illustrators, and UX engineers for a holistic design approach.
  • Fostering Team Culture and Relationships: Nurturing a positive and collaborative team culture that encourages creativity and innovation.
  • Streamlining Work Processes: Establishing effective processes for design collaboration within the team and with other departments.
  • Creating a Vision for Design: Developing a clear and inspiring vision for the design team that aligns with company goals.
  • Optimizing Design Function: Defining the role and value of the design team within the wider company context.
  • Resource Utilization and Optimization: Ensuring efficient use of design resources for maximum impact.
  • Enhancing Time To Market of design (TTM): Implementing strategies for faster and more effective design delivery.
  • Maximizing Design ROI: Continuously working to enhance the return on investment from design efforts.
  • Encouraging Partnerships and Initiatives: Building strong collaborations and undertaking initiatives that boost design impact.
  • Refining Hiring and Onboarding: Streamlining hiring processes and onboarding to attract and integrate top talent effectively.
Excellent Design
Excellent design consist of the following pillars: highest design standards, consistent quality, top experience impact and cutting edge and distinct, ownable visual language. When these elements come together, design becomes a crucial and reliable asset for the company.
Here's how we achieve this:
  • Setting Design Standards. Establishing rigorous standards for design excellence that align with the company's vision and customer expectations.
  • Consistency in Quality. Implementing processes to ensure uniformity in design quality across all projects, maintaining a high level of excellence.
  • User Experience Impact. Focusing on user-centered design principles to create products and services that provide significant value and delight to users.
  • Innovative Visual Language. Developing a unique and recognizable design language that sets our products apart and embodies our brand identity.
  • Creating Vision. Leading visionary projects across products and services, setting strategic direction and pioneering new concepts in design and user experience to shape the future landscape of our offerings.
  • Collaborative Creativity. Encouraging a collaborative environment where creativity thrives, leading to innovative and effective design solutions.
  • Design Systems Development. Building comprehensive design systems for consistency and efficiency, enabling scalability and cohesive brand expression.
  • Design Research and User Testing. Incorporating ongoing user research and testing to inform and validate design decisions, ensuring they meet real user needs.
  • Feedback Loops and Iteration. Creating a culture where feedback is actively sought and used to iterate and improve design outcomes continuously.
  • Design Advocacy. Promoting the value of design within the organization, ensuring that design thinking is integrated into all aspects of business strategy and operations.
Constant Growth
Design demands relentless growth to keep pace with an ever-evolving industry and to attract, nurture, and retain top talent. Our strategies for fostering constant and healthy growth include:
  • Personal and Organizational Career Paths. Developing comprehensive career pathways that align individual aspirations with organizational goals, ensuring progress and satisfaction at every career stage.
  • Training and Development Programs. Implementing robust training and development initiatives to enhance skills, knowledge, and adaptability, keeping our team agile and informed.
  • Cultivating Impact Players. Focusing on identifying and nurturing high-impact individuals within the team who can drive significant change and innovation.
  • Continuous Assessment and Evolution. Regularly evaluating and evolving our processes and practices to meet changing industry standards and team needs.
  • Building Future Leaders. Actively mentoring and coaching team members to prepare them for leadership roles, fostering a pipeline of future design leaders.
  • Enriching Coaching and Mentoring. Offering targeted coaching and mentoring to refine individual skills, foster professional growth, and drive success.
  • Promoting Inter-team Mentorship. Encouraging mentorship and knowledge sharing across different teams, enriching the learning experience and fostering a culture of collective growth.
Through these focused efforts, we ensure that our design team not only keeps up with industry changes but also leads the way in innovation and professional development.
Mentoring Design Leadership
I occasionally take on mentoring opportunities in addition to my day to day work. I take pride in helping other leaders excel, and unlock their potential. Together, we navigate challenges, leveraging my expertise to boost their team value and foster creativity and innovation. You can read more about it in Design Leadership Mentoring page:
Design Excellence
Design in Enterprise
Mentoring Design Leadership
Build and develop your teams and team-members. Impact your orgnization, excel your own impact and career.
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Thought Leadership on Design and Leadership
I invest substantial effort in creating frameworks, tools, and guides that foster collaboration, facilitate growth, enhance design quality, ensure consistency, and cultivate our design culture within my teams and sometimes for wider design community. Here are a few examples:
Design Excellence
Service Design

The Moment Design Methodology

Methodology and tools for developing impactful product and service experiences.
Team Growth
Leadership development

Impact Players
Coaching Cards Kit

Cards kit for coaching senior product designers and principals into impact greatness.
Team Growth
Leadership development

Feedback Mastery

Training and tools for managers and their ICs to develop feedback skills.
Design Excellence
design systems

Design Language Playbook

A practical and collaborative process for improving and maintaining a quality design language for enterprises.
design systems

adoption plan

Creating the design system was the easy part. The challenging part was to get all 30 global product teams to adopt it!
Team Growth
Leadership development

Growth Mindset

Some beliefs help us grow, while others keep us stuck. Shape your beliefs and unlock your potential. An illustrated article.
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