I’m Aviran Revach

I’m a design leader, product designer working from Israel. For the last 20 years i worked with top companies and top entrepreneurs creating world transforming products. Currently VP design at bit.dev, teaching at Shenkar academy of design and engineering.

Career Ethos
I am fundamentally a people person, deeply believing that any significant advancement is made through partnership and by inspiring my team and peers. Individualization and relationship building are among my strengths, allowing me to connect with and empower those around me.
Carrying an optimistic outlook, a trait sharpened in my CEO days, I approach challenges with positivity and a can-do attitude. Furthermore, my intrinsic drive for learning, ideation, and strategizing forms the core of my professional ethos. This blend of optimism, relational leadership, and a commitment to continuous learning and innovation defines my approach in every aspect of my work.
How I rolled into it
I started out very early doing design projects, experimenting with graphic design, animation and video. My first design job was at the age of 14. I was a motion designer for local Led signs at Kiryat Shmona. Later i started working with Macromedia flash (3.0!) and web design. I was one of Israel known Flash designers / developers in the early 2000’s.
Education with spice
Starting my studies in Bezalel Art and Design, I decided to open up my small design studio and work my way to graduation- building websites, building flash games, doing branding, motion, and animation. I graduated Bezalel with honor at 2006.
My product strategy and UX agency - Pumika
That small studio later became a ±40 people Agency. Pumika- strategy and UX for digital products. This is where we worked on hundreds of projects, different industries, doing the best exploration and hard work of my life with some of israel’s best designers, UX architects, illustrators, and writers.
Acquired by tech!
At the end of 2018 we were approached by Soluto by Asurion, and we decided to join them in a equ-hire deal. This was a unique move and the first of its kind in Israel – of a large UX agency that joins a leading product company. I happily joined Soluto along with my partner- 7 people total (later joined 3 more) from Pumika’s staff.
Startup and Enterprise
Joining Soluto by Asurion was a step into a world where I could blend startup agility with global enterprise insights. My role extended beyond my immediate amazing team at Soluto, evolving into a position that involved leading global teams, and closly collaborating with diverse organizations across Asurion's extensive network like marketing and engineering. This experience sharpened my skills in cross-cultural communication, team management across different time zones, and harmonizing various working styles.
It was a transformative journey that deepened my understanding of global team leadership and underscored the importance of cultivating a cohesive, inclusive culture in a multinational environment. Our global design organization became a beacon of collaboration and camaraderie throughout the company.
In my role as VP of Design at Bit, I am not only overseeing the full spectrum of design activities but also playing a pivotal role in shaping the product in collaboration with the founders. My involvement goes beyond traditional design boundaries, encompassing product strategy, marketing, brand identity, sales, and customer experience. This position allows me to directly influence the product's direction, ensuring it aligns with both our visionary goals and our users' needs. By working closely with the leadership, I help to steer the product's development, ensuring that design thinking is at the forefront of our innovation and execution.
If you're interested in more details about my roles and experiences, you can find extensive information on my LinkedIn page
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Design Advocacy, Teaching & Mentoring
Aside from product work and team management, I evangelize and promote product design excellence within the tech industry, design community, and academy. Inspiring and educating leaders, product professionals, and students in UX and product design.
Academy Teaching
With over 15 years of dedicated teaching experience at prestigious institutions like Shenkar and Bezalel, I've shaped the next generation of designers. My primary focus has been on product design and enhancing the customer experience, all while developing an original curriculum and methodology.
One of my recent achievements that fills me with immense pride is the creation and implementation of an interaction and product design curriculum for early-year students at Shenkar. This curriculum is now a core part of the education for all visual communication students across five different classes, with different lecturers guiding them each semester during the first and second years. By introducing product design early on, we, as product design lecturers, can build upon this foundation in subsequent years, delving into more complex human scenarios, experiences, platforms, and expertise
Mentoring design leadership
As part of my occasional mentoring practice, I've had the privilege of guiding emerging design leaders and managers. With a select few mentees, I provide tailored support, sharing practical insights and empowering them to excel in their roles.
You read more about it my Design Leadership Mentoring page.
Lectures, Workshops
I deliver a wide range of engaging sessions, including lectures and workshops, for both internal teams and external organizations. Topics span design leadership, career advancement and creative techniques.
Few of recent ones: Impactful designers, Feedback mastery, Strength finding, Product design processes, Moment design
These sessions empower individuals, teams, and leaders- promoting growth and enhancing creative abilities.
Podcast and events
I have a genuine passion for collaborating on various podcasts and events within the realms of product, design, and tech culture. These engagements encompass a range of formats, from thought-provoking lectures to engaging panel discussions.
Here is a recents one talking with Nati on "Managing Experience", about Feedback Mastery (Hebrew)
Always happy to team up and dive into great conversations and events in these areas.
Hit me up if you have a collaboration idea :)

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